Save time and effort in searching for a reputable workshop in car repairing, simply you can repair your car by using Warshti , send your car to the best workshop and it will provide the best offer and spare parts for your damaged car, we provide towing service, also monitor the repairs and see the updates with pictures, pay the downpayment upon selecting the offer and pay the remaining amount after repairs are done.

How to Use Warshti

Download the app

Download the app from App store and sign in using your mobile number.

Select the Damaged car repairing service, and fill the car info and send the request

The request details will contain:
  • Car info
    1. - The car make, model and year.
    2. - Plate Number.
  • Taqdeer Report

    Upload taqdeer Rerport for the workshop to know the needed spare parts and provides the best quotation directly.

  • Pictures of the Damaged Areas

    Take pictures of the areas you want to repair, The pictures will help the workshop to give a better estimation of the damages on your car.

  • Location of the Car on the Map

    So the towing truck can know your car location, you will need to activate GPS services.

Compare offers and select the best

We will send your request to the best workshops for your car make, every workshop will give an offer, select the best one for you.

The offer will have:
  1. Repairing Time: The time that the workshop will spend to repair your car
  2. Offer Type: We have two repairing types "Detailed repairing / Lump-Sum repairing"
    1. -Detailed Repairing: You can know which parts are going to be selected and their prices and the repairing costs
    2. - Lump-Sum Repairing: The workshop will estimate the total costs for the repairs including parts price and repairing costs
  3. Spare Parts Types: The parts that the workshop will replace with the damaged ones
    1. - Original Spare Parts: The workshop will provide spare parts from reputable car dealership.
    2. - First Class Spare Parts: First grade commercial spare parts, they’re trusted as originals but at cheaper prices.
  4. Repairing Cost: Includes maintenance, repairs and painting work.
  5. Towing fees:towing fees for the car from your location to the workshop and returning it to you.
Part of selecting an offer is providing a repair letter from the local authorities

Hand Over The Car

After selecting an offer a towing truck will take your car and deliver it to the workshop if you want.

Monitor Repairs

Workshop will take pictures of the repairs and report it to you through the app on a daily basis.

Pay Using the App

  1. - You can pay through any available payment methods using the Warshti app "Mada - Visa - MasterCard"
  2. - PayInCashAtTheWorkshop

Pick the Car at your Door

After paying we will send your car back to you on a towing truck and deliver it at your door if you want.