It is an application for repairing and fixing damaged cars where you can request repairing services from our certified and reliable workshops, you can compare offers and send the car to the workshop and return it to you at home all through the app.
It's done by our team of certified partners to ensure that you get the highest quality of repairing for the car . Warshti does not have any workshop for repairing cars.
In Warshti we commit to provide you the best repairs for the car, so we only bring you workshops with high efficiency and experience with various types, whether you have a Japanese, Korean, German and even the Chinese and all car makes that are available in Saudi Market.
In Warshti you can repair any car from any brand and model for the last 10 Years, you can visit the “We Repair It” page to find your car in Warshti list as a part of new experience in car repairing.
No, Warshti is an application responsible for managing the repairs that are provided by our certified and trusted workshops, so Warshti app makes it easy for you to find the best workshops for your car and provides all of their offers to compare them while at home.
Because of its features where you can now track and monitor repairs, and having the best offer for you from the best workshops. Also we give warranties on spare parts and the repairs are done for the car.
You can use Warshti after downloading it from the app store, "Android & iOS" devices. and follow the usage steps that are described on "How it Works?" page.
Just download the app, and sign in using you mobile number
Warshti currently offers repairing damaged cars by traffic accidents service , download the app and choose the service, upload the car information and upload recent images of your car for the affected areas and send the request.
There are two ways:
  1. Using the app you can pay through "Visa - Mastercard - Mada".
  2. Cash Payment at the workshop after repairs are completed.

The workshops will receive your request and then you’ll start receiving offers within two days, you can compare offers within that period, and select the best offer within the next 3 days after receiving all offers from workshops.
The service includes the repairs of all damaged areas in your car and replacing the parts that are needed to be replaced, the workshop will provide all needed spare parts based on what you selected whether it's “Original Parts or First Class Spare Parts”. Type of spare parts, Spare Parts Prices, Repairing Costs and Towing Costs all of those details are explained during the time of receiving offers from the workshops.
All exterior components of the car "Bomber - Doors - Body - Etc." and the damaged interior parts "Radiator - Fans - Pumps - Etc." are included in the repairing service and they will be brought by the workshop after receiving the car.
The workshops will review the uploaded images with your request to evaluate the damages and estimate it accurately to send offers for you.
Depends on the extent of the damages to the car, so uploading accurate images is a part of helping the workshop to give a good offer for you.
Yes, Spraying the car and paint job are included in the offer you get also it comes with a warranty after it is done on the car.
Yes, the car gets checked to ensure the quality of the repairs to the car before handing it over back to you.
Yes, the workshop inspects the car completely after repairs are done, to ensure the quality of the repairs provided the car.
Yes, you can send more than one request using the Warshti app and each request will be reviewed independently of the other.
Yes, there is warranty on the repairs that are done on the car up to one month, starts after you receive the car, and warranties on the replaced spare parts also the paint job.
After receiving the repair request, each workshop will send an offer to you with the following details, Duration of repairing, Type of spare parts, Spare parts prices, Cost of repairing and Towing Cost.
There are two Types :
  1. Detailed Repair, the workshop will specify the type of spare parts, "Original Parts" or "First Class Spare Parts"
  2. Lump-Sum, In which the workshop repairs the car using either "Original Parts" or "First Class Spare Parts"
The number of offers that can be received is not specified, as it is based on the time of receiving the offers period which takes two days.
The workshop reviews the damages on the car and then calculates the prices of spare parts they are going to replace and the costs or repairing.
To ensure that you get the best repairs, we have included two types of car spare parts, "Original Parts" known that they come from the original car manufacturer, and "First Class Spare Parts" comes from commercial companies as high quality and authorized spare parts from the original car manufacturer but at cheaper prices.
The workshop will communicate with the suppliers themselves to provide the needed spare parts for the car make and model.
Receiving offers period takes two days, starting after sending your request using the app.
Yes, you can review the offers and select whatever you like during that time.
You can pay when the repairing process is complete so you can check the car before paying and check the quality of the workshop's work through the application or by visiting the workshop.
After you have chosen the offer, one of the towing vehicles at the workshop will be assigned to transport the car to the workshop.
Towing fees are calculated by the workshop and displayed in the offer details.
Yes, you can bring the car to the workshop by yourself and the workshop location is displayed to you and request details after selecting the offer.

No, we have placed a mechanism through the app so that when you choose an offer you’ll have to review it before selecting it.
The driver will contact you within 24 hours after selecting the offer, if the driver didn’t come yet you can send for support team to reassign a new driver to pick up the car
This procedure occurs when there are internal damages not shown while uploading the images when sending the request, the workshop will re-estimate the damages and send a new offer, including the replacements of damaged internal parts of the car and repairs cost. The workshop will not start repairing the car until you agree to re-estimate.
You can refuse the re-estimation, and then pay for the towing to return the car back to you.
You can see the progress of the repairs in pictures using the app and review any changes that could happen during that period.
You can submit a support ticket using the app in the request details screen, we will check the issues to ensure that we solve the problem fully before handing the car back to you.
Repairing updates are made as soon as something noticeable happens on the car and the workshop can send it to you through the app, so you can see it clearly on the car.
The reasons for the delay will be explained within the repair updates screen for the request and the reasons may vary, it could be the workshop may not have been able to obtain spare parts on time by the supplier or official holidays were announced during the repair time of the vehicle.
In case of that the system will automatically alert us to take the proper procedure for your request, we will review the details of the delay and make sure that the repairs will be finished as soon as possible to hand over the car back to you.

You can visit the workshop and check the car before paying and pay using any available methods the workshop provides to pick up the car.
Once you have paid, the order status will be updated to assign a towing vehicle for your car to return it to you as soon as possible.
You can submit a support ticket from the completed request screen in the request details, and our team will review the problem, you will be refunded if the repairs are not done currently by the workshop as expected.
The workshop repairs and replaces all the damaged exterior parts of the car and replaces the damaged internal parts with new parts, and the workshop will repair it to return the car to you as it was. You can submit a support request through the app to review and resolve the issue.
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